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    Chapter III


    1.“Well, not exactly. But why start to grumble now, when it’s a question of your best friend?”
    2.As usual at this stage, when he had not seen his brother-in-law for a time, Mahony’s chief sensation on meeting John was one of discomfort. Without doubt, some great change was at work in John. Lean as a herring, yellow as a Chinaman, he had been for months past. But the change in his manner was even more striking. Gone was much of the high-handedness, the pompous arrogance it had once been so hard to stomach; gone the opulent wordiness of his pronunciamentos. He was now in point of becoming a morose and taciturn sort of fellow; prone, too, to fits of blankness in which, staring straight before him, he seemed to forget your very presence. So much at least was plain: John was not taking the universe by any means so much for granted, as of old.
    3.“And it is so important, is it not, that the ear should be well trained from the first? The spadework done before the child is even aware of it.” (Here spoke your true musician.) “But, doctor, if our findings are correct, you may still have the joy of watching over your little brood from the other side . . . N’EST-CE-PAS?”
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